June 23, 2021

Live Poker: What Are The Rules & How to Play?

3 Essential rules to learning how to play live poker

A common misconception lots of people believe in is that online poker and live poker are one and the same- hence players of one could easily switch to the other without any hesitation. After all, poker is poker, regardless of how it’s played, right?

Well, the answer is slightly more complicated than that. While the rules of the poker game remain the same, the mechanics and etiquette at both online and live tables can be vastly different for players who are used to only one type of gaming.

If you’re an online player looking to learn how to play live poker, here are some important rules to know.

Clear Communication is Key in Poker

Game Mechanics

One of the biggest differences between online and live betting is the way different actions are communicated.

In online games, players could simply select ‘call’ or ‘raise’ from a bunch of buttons or drag their chips to be added to the pot. In a live game however, players would need to clearly communicate what they would like to do, or risk having their actions may be misinterpreted. For instance, a player intending to raise the bet from $10 to $15 without saying a word could be mistaken as a call instead. To avoid that, players are encouraged to say a simple “Raise,” or “Fold,” depending on what action they choose.

Another aspect that players need to look out for are buttons. In games that employ the use of buttons, such as Texas Hold’em or Omaha, players need to be careful not to touch or move the button, as it is usually the casino employee’s job to do so.

Table Etiquette

Needless to say, table etiquette is extremely different when one is playing at a live table compared to an online table. From the way bettors hold their cards to the way their chips are positioned, there are many aspects that online players have never needed to bother with that live players need to look out for.

Ensure The Largest Denomination Chips Are Visible

When it comes to cards, players should always make sure that their card hand is covered, or at least, protected from their fellow players. However, they would also need to ensure that the cards always remain visible to everyone at the table, lest the player is accused of cheating. Some casinos have a rule that states that every bettors’ largest denomination chips need to be visible to others at the table, and those who do not comply could be asked to leave.

As for the social aspect of gaming, chattier bettors might need to take a few notes. Generally, talking to others at a table is allowed, but only when it’s not either party’s turn to take action. It’s discouraged to chat while players are still in-game, as it may distract them from their turn- which may then slow down the game for the entire table.

There are many other tiny details to take note of when playing live poker, but in general, the few mentioned above are the ones that players new to live poker would need to get used to quickly. Now that you know how to play live poker, you might be wondering when the best time to play poker would be- don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out our previous article to know when is the best time to play in a casino and don’t forget to share this article to your friends and family if you found it useful.