June 22, 2021

Everything You Need To Know About Poker: Beginner’s Edition

How to play casino poker for beginners

The history of poker itself is still very unknown to everyone. While there are still unclear answers regarding the history of poker, the history of card games itself dates back to the 9th century in China.
But the one game poker is usually associated with didn’t come along until the 1400s in France.

“Poque” is the card game related to poker and this card is known to have came from a game that
created earlier in France called the “brelan”. This game was later on evolved into a card game called
the “brag” or “bragg”. This game is still played in many different forms today.

‘Poque” is played with 52 – card deck that we use nowadays. Given the similarity of the gameplay
and the cards used, it is not far-going to say that modern poker could be an upgraded version of the

Despite all the claims that poker is related “Poque” there are many aspects to poker that’s unique to
itself and not found in “Poque” such as the betting, raising, bluffing and gameplay. It is said that
those factors were only added were only added in the 1700s.

Poker Terms

It is very important to know several poker terms from jumping into a game of poker. Listed below
are a few essential poker terms that very poker players should know.
Ace Out – an opponent is beat ace high
Act – make a move at the required time such as bet, fold, raise and etc.
Action card – This is a community card that’s probably to result in an important betting from either
two or more players.

Action flop – This is probably produced by numerous draws or/and strong hands.
Air – Bluffing with a very weak hand
All in – All the chips bet on one current hand.
Ante – this is a kind of forced bet where all the players will be required to pay a sum before the hand
starts in some form of poker.
Bad beat – is when players lose a hand that was a favourite to win at a point.

Bankroll – is the sum total of money that players need to play poker with.
Blank – this term is used to describe a card with no value.
Blind – this term is used to describe a forced bet that has to be placed before any hands starts in
games of poker.
Bluff – is an action taken of either betting or raising the bet to try and make the opponents fold
when the player itself doesn’t have the best hand with them.
Call – is to equal the current bet in a round of betting.
Chase – when a player calls for a bet to hope and improve a hand.
Check – is to bet nothing on the current round. This could only be feasible if no-one else has bet
during the round.

Check-raise – when players check and raise the bet made by other players in the same round.
Dealer – is the person who deals players the cards or the player that’s in the dealer position for that
particular game.
Drawing dead – when players have a card that’s unbeatable by their opponent no matter the cards

Fixed limit – this is used to describe a betting structure. There’s a maximum amount that players can
bet and be raised in each betting round.
Float – is an act of calling bet with the intention of bluff in ensuing rounds.
Flop – in the involvement of community cards, this term is used to describe the first three
community cards that are dealt.
No limit – this describes a situation where players are able to bet as much chips as they want.

Over bet – when the bet made is bigger than the size of the pot.
Pot – is the total sum of money with/or the chips that was wagered in a hand that’s won by the
player with the best hand.
Pot limit – this term is used when the maximum bet is equal to the current pot size.
Raise – when the bet was made bigger than the bets made in the previous betting round.

Re-raise – to raise again after a raise was made
Split pot – used to describe when two or more
While there are many other terms that needs to be learnt in the online poker world, these terms can
be a great starter as it is used more frequently than the rest.

The Most Popular Variation of Poker

As a casino games newbie, poker could be a confusing topic. Many new players take poker as a game
by its own. But this is a wrong, poker could be perceived as the umbrella term.

There are many poker games under the term “poker”. With all the many different variations of
poker, there are only 5 main poker game that’s played by many online casino users.
The first game is the ever famous Texas Hold’em Poker. No one can argue on the popularity of this
game, which is why it is depicted as the most famous of all poker variations. This game can be played
with 2 – 10 players.

Texas hold’em is usually played using the small and big blinds, which is forced bets by two other
players. Dealer “button” is used to represent the player in the dealer position. This button would
later rotate clockwise after each hand which would result in the change in position in the dealer and

The small blind will be posted by the player on the left of the dealer and the small blind is usually
half of the big blind. The big blind on the other hand will be posted by the player to the left of the
player with the small blind. The big blind would equal to the minimum bet. The blind would
periodically increase when in a tournament.

The rules of blind would be different when there are only two players left in a tournament. Player
with the dealer button would post a small blind, while the opponent would post the big blind.

Important Poker Hands

Learning the poker hand rankings are arguably the most important aspect on your journey to
becoming a great poker player.

Royal Flush

Royal Flush – All poker card from the same suit and straight from ten to an ace.

Straight Flush

Straight Flush – any straight from the same suit

Four of a Kind

Four of a Kind – any four cards of the same rank.

For example, four 9s. If there are two players with the same (four-of-a-kind), the higher fifth card among the both will win the pot.

Full House

Full House – any three cards of the same rank with any two card of the same rank.


Flush – any five card from the same suit. This cards don’t have to be consecutive numbers.

The highest card out the five would determine the rank of the flush. For example, in this suit, number 10 is the highest flush.


Straight – 5 consecutive cards from different suits. While ace can be counted as a high or low card, in this straight, it is counted as a high card. This straight is the highest possible straight.

Three of a Kind

Three of a Kind – any three cards from the sane rank.

Two Pair

Two Pair – two pairs or two cards of the same rank. For example, two 9s and two 4s.

One Pair

One pair – two cards of the same rank.

High Card

High Card – the highest card that you hold. For example, the ace card is the highest card of the bunch. This poker hand ranking applied to most of the poker games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Stud and etc.

Common Questions and Answers

Questions are something everyone would have especially when something new is started. Similarly,
there are always a few common questions that most people would have. Explored here are the few
common questions that most poker players would have and the answers to the questions.

Are there any differences between a live and an online poker?
While there are a few small differences between a live and an online poker, poker is inherently the
same whether it’s played online or live.

The basic rules of the game would stick regardless and the
game itself would be played normally. The small differences that players would need to take note of
Is the pace of the game when played live compared to when played online.
Can online poker be rigged?
This is the most asked question among online casino lovers.

Believe it or not, it is actually very
difficult to rig a casino game. If played in legal and reliable site, players wouldn’t need to worry
about the game being rigged. Online casino sites can/will also lose their license if they are caught
trying to rig the games on their site. Therefore, online casinos do not rig their games.

How can I know if my money is safe with online sites?
This is a very difficult question to have an absolute solid answer on. While it is true that most online
casinos might not be operating from the same country as you, reputable and all legal casinos have
no reason on holding your money back.

As long as good background check on the casino you have
decided to sign up with has been done and also mostly good reviews has been given on that
particular casino, players should be able to trust casinos with their money. The problem only lies if
players have sign up for casinos that are illegal and have no proper background to them.

Other than
this, it should not be a problem to get back the money you have invested or won from an online
With all that’s being said, poker is a game of entertainment if played properly.

It is also a game of
challenge as there will be many improvements to be done with one’s self. Therefore, take it as a
challenge and grow as time goes by. Good luck on your next game of poker!